Актриса из «Деффчонок» выходит замуж

Chosen one 30-year-old actress Anastasia was a 25-year-old operator Bogdan Osyka.

The couple is planning a modest wedding twice: in Moscow and in Greece. Date of marriage they are discussing. But Anastasia wanted to marry on may 17, on his birthday.

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Five-year age difference celebrity doesn’t bother. Most importantly, they love each other and groom have already managed to prove himself as a real man. He took responsibility not only for Anastasia, but her two sons – 11-year-old Yura and 12-year-old Andrew, half-brother, whom she adopted after the death of their common father and his mother.

The groom’s colleague Oleg Ivaschenko also told the “Starite” that Bogdan and Anastasiya and think about the total child, “Anastasia, with two kids, of course, dreams about a girl. Once again to become a mother she wants in the next couple of years.”

Anastasia Denisova and Bogdan Osyka, recall, met in September 2014 in the film “Girl middle-aged” in Kazan. They immediately found a common language, and after working on a project a young man he moved to Moscow to be with his beloved.

Their relationship they, unlike many of his colleagues, it is no secret that often appear together at social events and post joint photos in the social network.

Ksatati, in recent times noticed that Anastasia was very pretty: lost weight, changed her hair and was very well dressed. In General, the actress is completely gone from the image of Katie Palni in the TV series “Deffchonki”.

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