Whether still will be! The Briton was married to cobblestone

То ли еще будет! Британка вышла замуж за булыжник

Not a little upset with her mom and dad, British artist Tracey Emin.

The woman art, in particular, said recently that tied the unbreakable knot with ancient stone and very glad of this fact.

The ceremony took place in the summer of 2015 in the South of France. Instead of a wedding dress the bride dressed up in a shroud of her father… She had long concealed a fact from the public because it is associated with the stone highly spiritual and intellectual relationship. They say that these kisses are not for the press, you know!

“I know that somewhere on the hillside overlooking the sea is always a beautiful stone that is not going anywhere – once explained his decision Tracy. — He will always be waiting for me”.

No wonder that the Internet immediately picked up the scandalous story and immediately began to discuss it from different angles. Someone even suggested that Tracy was crazy, but the artist reacted to criticism and explained that the idea came to her brilliant mind is no accident.

“The idea is to get engaged with cobblestones arose after reading the correspondence of John Paul II, the Polish philosopher Anna-Teresa Timenetsky. Finished reading this book, I thought about Platonic love, which goes far beyond the bodily,” said the Briton, writes Vesti.ru.

In General, everything is logical, intellectual, and very convincingly. And those who say that Tracy started all this obscurantism for the sake of PR, let them bite their tongues!

And laughter and sin, in short. And I tell you: we shall! Ladies are really desperate: well, I do not want a strong half of mankind to marry. So the wedding with friends, dogs and ourselves – it’s flowers. Well, the berries, and the berries later!

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