The actors of “Game of thrones” novel was moved from the screen to life

Актеры «Игры престолов» перенесли роман с экрана в жизнь

Kit Harrington and rose Leslie out together for the first time in the light.

Office romances on the set – a thing not uncommon. People 12 hours a day are together working, eating, resting. How can you not be inspired? But rarely do these relationships grow into something bigger, often break with the team Director’s “Stop! Cut!”. If Jesus had been the stars of the series “Game of thrones” kit Harrington and rose Leslie.

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Now the phrase “you don’t know, Jon snow”, Ygritte said, it sounds a little different. It seems that the novel the Lord Commander and the wildlings girls smooth pace moved from the world of serial in the real world. Keith and rose caught kissing for a couple of months ago (note that she was lopselis they are not scripted). However, young people from commenting on their relationship refused, preferring to remain silent. And now, it seems, the actors decided to break the veil of secrecy with their personal lives.

Recently Harrington and Leslie appeared together in public. They visited the ceremony of delivery of the theatrical award of a name of Lawrence Olivier in London. Keith and hugged his companion tightly in his arms, all kind of showing who’s the woman.

Recall that the heroine rose girl Ygritte left the series in the fourth season (she was killed). The character of the whale died from being hit by a sword in the fifth season, which caused an uproar among fans of the Saga.

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