Scientists have discovered why men cheat

Ученые выяснили, почему мужчины изменяют

Bright minds from Texas what makes men “go left”.

As bequeathed to us the great Simon Slepakov in one of his masterpieces, “all men cheat on their wives”. However, in his creation of bard comedian did not disclose the reasons for this widespread malicious betrayal. For him it was made by American scientists who delight us daily with new discoveries.

According to the Texas psychologists, the causes of adultery can be several. The first and most important – podcast stronger sex for compliments. According to doctors, most men need regular pouring oil into the ears of their attractiveness, intelligence, wealth etc. If the legal spouse or, God forbid, life after sex, unraveled in three minutes of a crossword puzzle or expertly hammered nail is limited to dry thank you, it’s trouble. The man will go to a more flattering and talkative person, so she obliged his ego.

The second reason is friends. Yes, a bad example is infectious. And the roots of the problems grow out of childhood. “Why Bob, you can play with up to three girls, and I don’t?” You, Bob and girls have grown up, games have changed, but the problems are the same. And here’s a man, forgetting about his wife, jumps into bed with the new pretty Gal to the next morning to tell friends about the victory.

The third reason is the birth of a child. The attention of the couple switches to the baby, of mistress and faithful companion she slowly turns into a mother and housewife. If the husband is not ready for such changes, he begins the search for a new “friend”.

The fourth reason is stress. I would add from myself here for another reason, and would put her in the first place – alcohol! However, Texan scientists for whatever their reasons drunken adventures left left behind research.

Moreover, researchers have found that most mistresses on the role of men choose ladies from the inner circle: work colleagues, former girlfriends or even wives. They are always at hand and compliments them believe that everyone is familiar for a long time, why would they lie?

Another interesting fact: almost 90% of traitors believe their legal wives as more attractive than the mistresses, writes the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. And most important – nearly 70% experiencing remorse after the affair…

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