Terekhin Borodin is ready to accept children back

Терехин готов принять Бородину с детьми обратно

Ex-lover TV presenter said in his Periscope, he intends to reunite with Ksenia, when her emotions after the divorce will subside a bit.

36-year-old ex-boyfriend Ksenia Borodina, the divorce which became known the other day, expressed his feelings on the matter. Mikhail Terekhin said in his Periscope, he had warned ex-girlfriend of such a finale. The man was initially convinced that her marriage Kurban Omarov will not last long.

However, Michael admitted that he was very sorry that She did not find happiness in marriage. And also expressed a desire to try again to build a relationship with a leading “House-2”. Terekhin willing to take a star even with two or four children and raise them as their own.

“I’m really sorry that all that happened. Knew that would happen. Told her, but she wouldn’t listen. I tried to call Xenia to support, but was on the black list of her phone. Strangely, after all this time you’d think he’d unblock me. I sincerely wish her all the best. She will soon be single again, just hang out with her. Yet to take some steps in her direction, I will not, it’s still early. And I doubt that she needed it” – shared with his subscribers in Periscope Michael.

By the way, Xenia is now resting in a hotel in Turkey where they traveled together with Michael.

“Walks on the beach with two children. Ksenia and misses the Bear. And Bears near there,” – said Terekhin.

We will remind, yesterday it became known that Ksenia Borodina really is divorcing her husband. On his page in Instagram TV presenter admitted that Kurban Omarov was cheating on her with different women, even when she was in the last months of pregnancy. He also spoke about the reasons that pushed her to this decision.

“It’s just the father of the baby, so I try worthy (if it is a dirty situation to get a divorce. The reasons are many, I thought he can be a loving husband and a caring father (as he presents himself to the public). But this night December 12, I remember all my life. My husband came home at 7 am with another home party, and I had 10 days to delivery! All that is written about infidelity, it’s true, and I found out about it. Even know the apartment of our common friend Gregory of Join) that covered his hard partying cheating. So Ulam, Tanya, Oksana and all the rest want health. Want to sleep with a man Borodina – forward, if not afraid. We are all in God’s hands. You may think that this bit of glory, but actually a dirt you until the end of life is unlikely to launder”.

What caused the Xenia to write such an emotional post, unknown. For a long time she was silent and did not comment the situation in the family that has raised many questions among her fans and journalists. However, something told popular TV host, to put it mildly, shocked the public.

After a loud parting with Mikhail Terekhin it seemed that Kseniya will not soon come around. It is very hard they disagreed. Popular TV presenter tried not to wash dirty linen in public, but a former policeman shared in his interview with piquant details of his personal life.

Eid appeared in the life of a star unexpectedly. Immediately surrounded by attention and love. Once in the microblog in Instagram presenter began to appear almost daily new pictures Omarova, fans have no doubt: the wedding is not far off. And here July 3, 2015 Xenia and Eid became husband and wife, and at the end of December of the same year was born their daughter Theon.

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