Омаров впервые прокомментировал развод с Бородиной

The businessman responded to the accusations of infidelity.

For several days in a row, the country is much discussion of the separation of Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov. That their marriage broke up, the presenter announced on his page in the social network. Cause of the disorder is as old as time – betrayal. The girl said that her husband often “go left”, so she decided not to continue the relationship. Himself lobster for a long time was silent, not commenting on the accusations of Susie. But surrendering under the pressure of journalists and fans expressed their opinion about the situation.

“Of course, I really hate to read all that she writes about me, – said the businessman. I don’t know why she does it, but she is a woman, and it is excusable. I am very much attached to their children, and today the hardest thing for me is to realize that I miss my little Princess will explore the world, her first steps, first word, emotions. I am sure that Xenia like adults will be able to find a solution on the issue of children. Children are the most sacred for me, and I’ve spent my whole life, no matter what , I will perform a father’s duty. My eldest son Omar proof. The rest I will say: there are two camps and You don’t need to take anybody’s position. I was born in the family of men, and instilling in me the appropriate. Do not allow yourself different kinds of statements towards women, which I spoke words of love, the woman who gave birth to my daughter as blue as the sky eyes. Not going to write something in his defense, I don’t want this controversy, so do not let anyone to offend or insult the mother of a small Teona. Ksenia – caring mother, constantly giving the kids attention, despite his busy schedule. We had honest, sincere love, we burned like two suns, and unfortunately, we burned. We lived as best they could, we do not judge and be not judged.”

However, oddly called Eid al not to debate you, to avoid it failed. A few hours under the post the businessman appeared 5 000 reviews. As expected, Eid, subscribers were divided into two camps. Some have hurled insults at him, others tried to support. There were those who called Omarova and Borodin to think carefully and make up. “Xenia is not a girl. She is the mother of two children, with two marriages behind him, and so must think not spontaneous and impulsive and emotional, reasonable and wise. Men cheat all. Not everyone gets caught or not all pass. I wish them both including the brain, to recover from this moment.”

Meanwhile, Borodin’s daughters is on vacation in Kemer, trying to survive the difficult period in the society of loved ones.

Recall that the marriage of TV presenter and Kurban Omarov did not last year. They were married July 3, 2015. 22 December of the same year the couple was born the daughter of Theon.

Also Borodina has a daughter Mary from his marriage to businessman Yuri Budagov.

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