Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

The editors of Woman’s Day remembered all of the passions royals.

Prince Harry is not constant in love Affairs. This year alone saw him with three girls: a Princess of Greece Maria-Olympia, an American athlete with a disability Elizabeth marks and an aspiring actress Juliette Labelle. And each received from the media title girls Prince… this time this honor was awarded to Olivia Tall, the daughter of Harry Tallent – bassist for the E Street Band. The reason is beauty photo in the network, in which it embraces the most eligible bachelor in England. However, the very culprit of rumors rushed them immediately to refute…

“I’m not Dating Prince Harry, guys. Let’s not be absurd,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Well, Yes. Now do not occur”, – sarcastically commented fans. And in the meantime we have decided to recall all candidates for the Prince’s heart. And tried to understand, and what kind of girl he needs.

Natalie Imbruglia

Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

In 2009, among the girlfriends of the Prince was seen well-known Australian singer and actress Natalie Imbruglia. 25-year-old heir to the throne with the actress were introduced by Sam Branson, son of multimillionaire sir Richard.

Natalie was older than Harry by 10 years. However, the couple had many mutual friends.

The novel though was rapid, but did not last long… In the end Harry joins a very long list of admirers of the singer.

Conclusion: into older women.

Mollie King

Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

Following darling Prince, oddly enough, was again a creative person – a popular British singer Mollie king.

Grandson of Elizabeth ll and the artist met in 2010 at the Asprey World Class Cup Polo. Harry was in the Royal game, and Molly was in the support group and cheering for your favorite team.

After a couple often seen at parties in night clubs, even though they tried to keep their affair secret.

Conclusion: an interesting creative personality.

Chelsea Davy

Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

The daughter of a billionaire from Zimbabwe Chelsea Davy, was probably the most time-consuming passion in the life of a Prince. Himself Harry calls her “love of a lifetime”. After all, they met more than five years. Although, admittedly, often quarreled and parted…

Chelsea and Harry have known each other since childhood, however, the affair only began in 2004, when Harry turned 20 years old… Young people are met in South Africa, where Harry arrived. And in 2007, Chelsea moved to England to study at the University of Leeds and, of course, to be closer to the Prince, in whom was no pametta in love. In the same year, the pair first broke up, but a few months later, Davy came back to Harry. However, the relationship was unraveling. In 2010, Chelsea finally broke up with the heir to the British throne and returned to Africa.

Conclusion: looking for the woman friend.

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Splash/East News

Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

He was among the girlfriends of Harry and one Russian beauty. Or rather, the model is Anastasia Guseva. Two years ago the paparazzi noticed on the yacht in Abu Dhabi loving the Prince kissed model Anastasia Gusev.

Harry then flew to the UAE capital for his charitable Foundation and stayed in the Emirates on the weekend specifically to watch the Grand Prix “Formula-1”.

After the event, the grandson of Elizabeth ll was invited to a party held on the yacht of a local oligarch. In the crowd of guests immediately identified leggy blonde. The pair quickly converged.

“I was walking down the stairs, and suddenly saw Prince Harry, very close. He looked at me and smiled. Then I was invited to the VIP area. We began to talk, Harry just ducky. He touched my hair, stroked my neck. We went dancing, and our lips closed in a kiss,” he told me once, a beauty in an interview with the magazine Gala.

One, but the novel ended before it began. Returning to England, the Prince seems to have forgotten about the blonde from the boat.

Conclusion: draws attention to the beautiful.

Cressida Bonas

Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

Десять подружек Гарри: как менялся вкус принца

Cressida Bonas was another girl in addition to Chelsea, with whom Harry had struck up a long-term relationship. There was even talk that Prince is finally getting married. Especially since the girl seems to be consistent with all the requirements of royalty – beautiful, famous and independent…

Cressida with the heir to the British throne in 2012 were introduced by Princess Eugenie at one of the social events. The novel developed very rapidly: in three years, beloved several times broke, and then converge again. In April 2014 they even officially announced the breakup. But by September Bonas was able to re-conquer the Prince’s heart and give the relationship new life. But it did not happen.

Conclusion: he likes blondes.

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