Глюк'oZa призналась, что готова простить мужу измену

The singer admitted that he loves the wife so much that will be close despite any circumstances.

Week Natalia Ionova and her husband, businessman Alexander Chistyakov will celebrate the 10th wedding anniversary. During the time while the pair together they had two children, but the romance in this didn’t disappear… what’s More, the singer admitted that she loves her husband so much that ready to forgive him everything. And even treason!

“The first time we each other was very jealous. Sasha: after the breakup with the mother of his child three years were free swimming. It was all over pretty girls. Actually we are both jealous, and that’s okay! — said Natalia in an interview with Woman’s Day. — I think that my man should like women, otherwise he is to me the most will be uninteresting. Sometimes I look at my husband and know I love him so much that, probably, will forgive all. I will not renounce. But even if you do not forgive, then I think that at least will be able to understand.”

Thus, according to the singer, she and her husband have not had a single major argument. Well, to with swords drawn, shouting Yes.

“From the last scene in the plane. We got first place, so I hesitated with the bag, created a “plug” for other passengers, and Sasha said, “You’re going to pass or not?” I thought he said it too sharply. Half the day sulking and not talking to him. Walked away, calmed down, that’s all, the quarrel was settled. No one never called, you didn’t offend”, she continued.

We will remind, the pair met in 2005 during a tour of the singer in Chechnya. Future husband was one of those who belonged to the idea of the concert. A month after first meeting Natasha she made a beloved proposal “Marry me”, and he agreed!

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