Депп распродает антиквариат, чтобы он не достался Херд

The actor has decided to auction off collection of paintings, which were collected nearly 25 years, and all because he did not want to share her with his ex-wife.

Johnny Depp almost half of my life collecting paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat – American graffiti artist and neoekspressionista. Jean-Michel died when he was only 27 years old. After the death of the artist, prices for his work skyrocketed. Depp was hunting paintings worldwide and now sells…

An impressive part of the collection of the actor put up for auction in London in late June. Among the works of will and the canvas that the artist painted on the door. This work is estimated at between us $3.5−5 million However, every painting Basquiat is worth at least a million and a crazy road to Depp.

Knowing that johnny was going to be auctioned off most of my paintings Basquiat, British journalists rushed to question friends of the actor. Close to Depp have shared with the media guesses that Depp has decided to take this step because of the upcoming divorce.

Some of the paintings he bought, when he was already married to amber heard, and therefore, the actress may simply in order to annoy, to request them through the court as marital property. To give the ex-spouse’s work favorite author Depp does not want and has decided to act in the spirit of “do not get you to anybody”, that is, to sell the paintings.

However, in this case johnny will have to share part of a tidy sum he will receive after the auction. But only if amber and her lawyers can prove that Depp really is the monster he calls the actress.

Recall that recently two officers of the Los Angeles police gave testimony about what was coming on call amber heard on domestic violence and found the body of a girl no beating.

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