Рассказываем, за кого собралась замуж Седокова

The whole truth about how stars create a PR in Instagram.

The morning discussing the engagement of Anna Sedokova with a new lover. Fans of star decided that she once again gathered under the crown after her Instagram appeared the in the arms of an unknown man, and on her finger was impossible to ignore the ring with a large diamond.

“Leave just. Harder to stay. To be there when the other person gets hurt. To give without expectations to receive in return. I didn’t realize it before. Thought about self-sufficiency, development, respect. But knew nothing important… Love. Real. It turned out to be another. I write these lines and think of you #Camilucci” – signed so mysterious frame Sedokova, even more than whetted the curiosity of the followers.

It turned out that it’s just a cunning move on the part of the singer. So she tried to attract attention on the eve of the release of the next clip, in which the main role plays the man in the picture. With all this Anna Sedokova very rarely talks about his real personal life, but against rumors nothing bad has. The more that itself generates.

You’re My #CAMILUCCI My big #Premiere is on my official channel on #Youtube and group #VK Video link in my profile here I will tell You about this video , about what feelings I took the picture of what I wanted to tell . But #the Main thing in this video and in this life is #FAMILY and #SUPPORT .The main thing is #LOVE

Video posted by ANNA SEDOKOVA (@annasedokova) Dec 7 2016 5:56 PST

Many celebrities sincerely worried, when the media were actively discussing their personal life. Even more frustrating it becomes when behind their back, spreading false rumors, but there are those artists who are only too happy to weave around his name. Regularly spread a mysterious and even provocative images of the past which can never get both fans and journalists.

But what to do? Interest in personal life of stars is always high, rarely one of them may withdraw from cunning and at the same time, light moves for PR. Only one ambiguous picture – and so much talk! Oh, this popularity…