Ничего не тайна: Милана Кержакова родит сына в апреле

And the hospital will choose not foreign, but native St. Petersburg. About Woman’s Day said the father of Milana, Senator Vadim Tulpanov.

What happened is what began to gossip the very next day after the wedding of the footballer and daughter of Senator Vadim Tyulpanov Milan. Very soon the family Kiriakovich a baby!

Photos published Aleksandr Kerzhakov (@a.kerzhakov11) Dec 7 2016 10:22 PST

“Soon in our house, one man will be more! Love you, Milan,” shared the happy news that Alexander in his Instagram. The entry provided a family photo. In the picture he is, Milan, and a three-year Igor – son of Alexander from Catherine Safronova. Also added several hashtags, which definitively placed all points over “i”: #child #kid# kids #replenishment #Kerzhakov. Milan in this photo – in a boxy, brown-Burgundy floor-length dress which does not hide the rounded forms of a young woman.

Changes in the shape, characteristic for expectant mothers, attentive readers pages Milana kerzhakovu the social networks noticed at the beginning of November. Then the player’s wife posted a short video from the walk on the beach during a holiday in the UAE. Gusts of wind allowed the blouse from the finest fabrics fitting formed tummy.

Well, during the charity event “Stars for children”, which was held in St. Petersburg in early December, even the skeptics, all questions have disappeared: this will not hide even underneath the outfit.

Video published Kerzhakova Milana (@milana_kerzhakova) 28 Nov 2016 11:17 PST

But if the sex of a child the happy parents have already shared with the world, something about the timing of the birth of the baby while prefer not to speak. Future grandfather, Vadim Tulpanov, shared with Woman’s Day secret.

– Vadim Albertovich, congratulations! Soon, your favorite and only daughter will make you a grandfather!
Ничего не тайна: Милана Кержакова родит сына в апреле

Well, not soon – expected baby in April next year. That Milan is pregnant, found out two months ago. Of course, it was good news.

I think you have already painted his life for years to come? What he could become: a footballer, a politician or maybe a musician?
Ничего не тайна: Милана Кержакова родит сына в апреле

It’s too early to say. Let the kid be born first, and then we will think about such things.

Milan and Alexander have already decided on the name of the son?
Ничего не тайна: Милана Кержакова родит сына в апреле

And I don’t know. My daughter didn’t say anything. In any case, it should be decided by the parents, not us.

– Where the grandson was born, already know?

I think that this joyful event will take place in St. Petersburg.

What the stars say

Alexander Kerzhakov’s Zodiac sign is Sagittarius, Milan – Leo. And the baby, depending on date of arrival might be either Aries or Taurus. Taurus in the family Kiriakovich already is a three-year-old Igor. So with the character of the representatives of this sign, the parents are perfectly familiar. Astrologists say that those born under the sign of Taurus are stubbornness and determination. From the cradle they are owners. Though in tranquillity they can not refuse.

Another thing is – Aries. Aries – the challenge for most parents: restless, stubborn. From the first days of his life, Owen tries to prove that charge in the house. However, the stars say: with a young Bullock, and a RAM dad-Sagittarius mom-Lioness will be able to find a common language.