Irrevocably: Bulanov and Radimov divorced

Окончательно и бесповоротно: Буланова и Радимов развелись

The singer admitted to Woman’s Day that is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

So there was a divorce or not? – wonder many fans of the singer. Her marriage with the coach of the youth team of “Zenit” Vladislav Radimov has long been bursting at the seams. Betrayal, reconciliation… and again the betrayal. It ended quite logical – divorce.

“I want to talk about. I’m sick of conversations on the topic of divorce. Frankly, ready to throw at anyone who asks about it,” admitted Tatiana Woman’s Day.

In early October, the singer posted on his Instagram post about the betrayal of “close person”. However, then it was removed, but in an interview with Woman’s Day said: “most Likely, Vlad and get a divorce.” A few days later, the couple reconciled and even celebrated the 11th anniversary of legal marriage in one of the restaurants in the heart of St. Petersburg.

The fans calmed down. Especially at the end of November, congratulating her husband happy birthday, Bulanova to a question from followers about the relationship with Vlad replied, “We’re still together.” But looks like Tatiana in that moment evil. How else to explain the emergence of the social network of a regular message, in which Bulanova thanked her husband for the past years?

“Thank you for these 11 years! Yes, there’s a lot of good and some not very, but I am grateful to meet you,” admitted Tatiana, and an hour later removed the tape. But a wedding ring with the ring finger of the right hand removed. And never wore.

However, knowing the emotionality and impulsivity of the singer talk about the final rupture of relations. Who knows, maybe in a week Tatiana will lay out in his next joint Instagram photo with the caption “We are together”? Fans also hope that the story of a beautiful and talented couple will not end.