Собчак и Виторган ждут первенца

The TV presenter is already receiving congratulations with long-awaited pregnancy from friends and colleagues.

Rumors that Sobchak is in an interesting position, started appearing in the press since 2013, when she married actor Maxim Vitorgan. At first Ksenia laughed at the imagination of journalists, and then hinted that her the good news. Moreover, she actively engaged in sports and showed the audience a perfect figure. But I think this time the media personality and really is expecting a child.

Recently, the network appeared the publication of LJ-portal “Without photoshop” in which the editors claimed that Sobchak saw in tight clothes (lately she wears boxy dresses. — Approx. Woman’s Day) with markedly rounded tummy.

Of course, to believe the online community without photoproofs – it is doubtful. You never know what people imagined. So major publications leave this message without attention. But the other day in Moscow hosted a major social event – the opening of the exhibition of Lev Bakst, where Ksenia Sobchak was also invited. And then everything fell into place. Yes, in the family of Sobchak-Vitorgan expected completion, and Xenia is on the impressive stage of pregnancy, which is already impossible to hide under clothing (see gallery). Moreover, during the evening the guests of the exhibition came to Sobchak with words of congratulations. She smiled sweetly, but to comment on the imminent motherhood refused.

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For Ksenia Sobchak this child will be the first, and Maxim Vitorgan – third. From his first marriage with the actress of the youth Theatre, Victoria Weerberg he has a daughter Pauline (also an actress) and son Daniel. Children, despite his parents ‘ divorce, I often see the father and communicate well with Ksenia.

By the way!

In early 2016 Maksim Vitorgan in the program “the invisible Man” admitted that they Ksenia dreaming about the baby and working on it, sleeves rolled up. “I have faith that soon you should see a little girl,” said the show’s leading Evelina Bledans.

“I don’t know, a girl or a boy, but something will appear,” replied Vitorgan.


Ksenia and Maxim were married in secret in February 2013. Their marriage knew only friend Sobchak designer Ulyana Sergienko who sewed her wedding dress in retro style. The rest of the friends and acquaintances of the pair received an invitation to a movie premiere and he came and was at the wedding. Here’s a surprise.

About the novel celebrities first began in late 2012 after they began to go out together. According to some reports, Sobchak and Vitorgan met at one of the Moscow meetings, which the media personality often went with her ex-boyfriend politician Ilya Yashin. About parting with Yashin, Ksenia said in December 2012.

It is also known that in 2011 Sobchak was having an affair with the ex-Deputy of the state Duma of RF Sergey Kapkova. And in the summer of 2005 she was going to become the wife of American businessman Alexander Shusterovich, but a few days before the ceremony broke off the engagement.

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