Наталья Водянова стала мамой в пятый раз!

The supermodel decided to call the boy a Novel.

This night together with the family Vodianova exults, without exaggeration, the entire planet. In the night of 7 to 8 June millions of fans learned that the world famous model became a mother for the fifth time! Natasha was born a pretty and healthy baby. As reported by the model itself, the kid decided to call a great Russian name Roman.

Childbirth took place last Saturday, June 4, but Vodianova wished to keep the news secret. Apparently, he wanted to avoid undue attention to the family, at least until she and the babe will not come around.

“Early Saturday morning our family was one man more. Daisy is home and knows the world surrounded by sisters and brothers. Antoine proud, I’m – tired but happy and waiting for the summer, hoping to relax a bit – wrote the supermodel in his microblog in Instagram. — Thank you, my dear, for your messages and support.”

Photos published Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova) Jun 7 2016 at 2:16 PDT

It is worth noting that about pregnancy Natalia is not particularly rasprostranyalis. Only once said the same vast social networks: “beautiful Nine long months, followed by one lovely life.”

About the upcoming momentous event in the life of the family meanwhile hinted the mother model.

“When Lukas was born, they immediately said that it will not stop. So a child who will be born in June, is very desirable. Of course, they dream of having a daughter, but the main thing – that the baby will be born healthy,” said Larisa Viktorovna (read more HERE).

Наталья Водянова стала мамой в пятый раз!
Natalia during the fifth pregnancy was not reluctant to go out

Наталья Водянова стала мамой в пятый раз!
However, she admitted that a bit of a complex because of a couple extra pounds…

It should be noted that the fifth kid in the family, a supermodel was a welcome and long-awaited. This is not just said in an interview with reporters, Woman’s Day and mom supermodels.

“I some days ago came back from Paris with the christening of Maxim, the fourth child of Natasha, but have not heard that the daughter at the moment, again waiting for the stork. However, even when Lukas was born, Natalia once said that he and Antoine will not stop, – has told Woman’s Day Larisa Viktorovna, mum of supermodel. — If they have more children, I’m happy. After all, if people love each other (and Natasha and Antoine are really happy together), the birth of children is so beautiful. And if God will send them another child, let it be a girl. Smart and beautiful, as parents” (read more HERE).

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Baby Roman was the second child, Antoine Arnault and Natalia. The first three children were born supermodel married to English aristocrat Justin Portman. The oldest son Vodianova in December of this year will be 15 years. Daughter Neve 10 years, sons Victor and Maxim – 9 and 2 years respectively.

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Dossier Woman’s Day

Natalia Vodianova, supermodel

The mother of five children.

Born: 28 February 1982 in Gorky. Natalia grew up without a father, the family was poor, Natalie soon learned to make money, helped her mother to sell fruits.

Brothers and sisters: two sisters, one of whom is a disabled child.

The birth of first child: 19 years old.

Children: from her marriage to aristocrat Justin Portman Natalia has three children: Lucas Alexander (born 22 December 2001), Viktor (born 13 September 2007, is named in honor of his grandfather), Neva (born 24 March 2006, named after the river, but with the accent on the first syllable). In 2011, the couple announced the divorce. 2 may 2014 a supermodel and French billionaire Antoine Arnault, son Maxim was born.

In 2004, Natalia founded the Naked heart Foundation” for the construction of playgrounds in Russia and abroad. Since 2011, the Fund should the program “Every child deserves a family” (goal is to reverse the situation, when parents abandon children with special needs). In the framework of this program built family support Centre in Nizhny Novgorod, as well as the “Lekoteka” in the Tula region.

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