Алена Водонаева назначила день свадьбы

The presenter will marry his Director Anton Korotkov… in exactly a year!

Alain Vodonaeva almost a year goes to the brides. Beloved of telediva, Anton Korotkov, proposed to her last summer, but the wedding was postponed… First there were urgent matters, and then trip. And here’s the surprise! No sooner rejoice. It seems to be a significant event in the life of a glamorous TV presenter again postponed. Another year!

No, we’re not kidding!

On June 7, the date of the wedding,” – said in his Instagram Vodonaeva. That is not today, a year later. Well, patience Alena, shall we say.

By the way, other details, despite asking fans to tell Alain not in a hurry. It is not excluded that at the wedding will be only the closest. After all, Alain and Anton repeatedly said that want to celebrate in a narrow circle, before heading out to some beautiful spot to enjoy each other.

We will remind, Alena Vodonaeva and Anton Korotkov met last year in the company of mutual friends. At first the young people were just friends, only then they started an affair.

It should be noted that Anton is wonderful with Alena son from a previous marriage Bogdan. And public profession of his wife, it seems, did not bother. On the contrary, recently he became the Director of the beloved. In short, the fans choice, Farmacia fully support.

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