48-year-old Kylie Minogue first got married

48-летняя Кайли Миноуг впервые вышла замуж

Her choice was a 28-year-old actor Joshua Sasse.

Love for all ages! May 28, Kylie Minogue has celebrated two important events of his life: 48th birthday and long-awaited wedding with Joshua Sasse.

The secret ceremony, according to Western sources, was held on the Greek island of Sifnos, surrounded by family and loved ones. And initially none of those present did not know that he would see imenica in a wedding dress. The singer has sent out an invitation to your birthday party, leaving brakosochetanie secret. Apparently, the star wanted to surprise guests. And she certainly succeeded!

Photos from the wedding of Kylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse in the network, unfortunately, no. Kylie only mysteriously hinted about its new status-wife in the microblogging published pictures of the heart with the caption “This is. Was. Magical! Thank you all for the birthday greetings. Love and love”.

Previously, we recall, Kylie and Joshua for a long time hid their relationship: not published together, posting pictures together on the social network. Only a month after the man made an offer and found out about it the journalists, they came under the arm on one of the charity dinners. Then Minogue was beaming with happiness, and everyone realized that she was finally really happy.

By the way, luckily Kylie was a very long time. To Joshua Sasse, she was in a few relationships, but they all zakanchivalis nothing. Young people not only did not offer the singer a hand and heart, but also cheated on her.

By the way!

Recently it became known that officially husband and wife became 34-year-old British actor Rupert Friend, and 39-year-old Paralympic athlete and record holder in jumping and running among the people with amputated legs Aimee Mullins. Celebrity also conducted the ceremony in secret, but has pleased fans and journalists with romantic snapshots of the celebration. See HERE.

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