Алена Водонаева потеряла ребенка от будущего мужа

TV presenter Alain Vodonaeva has recently announced the wedding day with her lover Anton Korotkov. And it will take place…. only a year later, June 7! Yes, big break decided to take lovers.

Fans immediately decided that Alena is not sure of her feelings. But as it turned out, the case here is different. The couple plans to start to find out a way to bring a child in common…. As vyyasnili Vodonaeva not just asked subscribers about IVF.

“We have no more options, because there was a case… was A case like this is very complex we have,” said the media personality in the programme Love Story on MUZ TV.

“The loss of a child?” – immediately asked the host.

“Well, you could say that, Yes. But then again, I’m learning about IVF read a lot of information that badly this could all end for women prone to cancer, ” continued Alain. – I don’t know if I’m prone to cancer, but most likely even IVF is not our option”.

At the same time, Alain said that she and Anton wants a daughter.

“Anton really wants a daughter, I also want a daughter. So, maybe now, before the wedding we still this issue going to do, study and deepening, – said Alain and interrupted the leading questions: “I don’t know, I wasn’t ready to answer that right now. Well, not ready. I’m going to cry. Flow cosmetics and we’re all about love forget.”

We will remind, Alena and Anton met more than a year ago in the company of mutual friends. Last summer, the guy did offer his beloved.

Anton is great with Alena son from his first marriage, Bogdan. And recently became responsible for the schedule and the beloved, becoming its Director.

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