Nelly Ermolaeva from “House-2” married a millionaire

Нелли Ермолаева из «Дома-2» вышла замуж за миллионера

Today, June 7, ex-member of “House-2”, and now a popular TV presenter became the wife of a wealthy heir and aspiring artist Kirill Andreev.

On the eve of the event Nelly was published in the microblog the photo of the hotel in a white robe and a Cup of coffee. “Morning of the bride. I can’t tell you what it is… a Very unusual feeling and jitters wild. Really want to remember everything to the last detail,” she signed the publication.

However, the “jitters” Nelly is quite understandable. Preparations for the wedding took a lot of time, and she invited not only relatives and friends from the groom and bride, but the stars of the Russian show-business.

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The venue chose unoriginal, but the most fashionable in Moscow – restaurant Royal Bar. On this occasion, the interior was decorated in pink and black in the style of the lingerie brand Agent Provocateur.

Registration of marriage was away. But not without surprises. After the young have exchanged rings and vows, the girl from the Registrar’s office sang a song about love. The official part ended with a kiss of the bride and groom and the guests shout “And we’re happy!”.

Video published Korneliya Mango (@korneliamango) Jun 8 2016 at 2:13 PDT

Then the couple and the guests moved to the restaurant where the celebration continued.

Among the star guests at the wedding of Cyril and Nellie were seen Cornelia Mango with the groom Bogdan Durden, Alena Vodonaeva, Darya and Sergey Pynzar, Olga and Ilya, Kazienko, Tanya Tereshina, Stas Kostyushkin with his wife Julia, snezhina kulova, Alexey Kabanov, Alexander Berdnikov, and also Nikolay Baskov!

Nelly Ermolaeva and Kirill Andreev, recall, have been together for four years. Offer hands and hearts man has asked at the end of last year. Then the fans of teledive noticed on her ring finger ring.

By the way, before nally saying that they are ready not just to register the marriage with the beloved, but also to get married. Will she take her husband’s name is still unknown.

Biography Of Nelli Ermolaeva

Date of birth: 13 may 1986.

Height/weight: 168 cm/54 kg.

Nelly Ermolaeva was born in the city of Samara. Here he spent his childhood and youth. Graduated from Samara Academy of arts. After higher education worked in the beauty salon and in parallel trying to build a modeling career. On the project “House-2” appeared in 2009. Initially the girl felt sympathy for Rustam Solntsev, but to build a relationship with him failed. During participation in the show Nelly had met with a Lion Anchovy, Vlad Kadoni and Nikita Kuznetsov. With the last novel ended with a wedding. The couple formalized the relationship in 2011. The ceremony took place on 14 February in Verona. In the summer of 2011, the pair left the perimeter of the “House-2” already in real life to build a normal family. But it didn’t work. After a while they announced the divorce, shocking friends and fans. According to Nikita Kuznetsov, the chief cause of discord in the family became Nelly the desire to build a career instead of having to deal with family.

By the way!

Yesterday the knot himself tied the ex-wife of the Creator of the “jumble” Boris Grachevsky Anna and basketball player Artem Kuzyakin. Their celebration was held at the Moscow jewelry house “Estet” in the genre of a Hollywood movie. The guests on the red carpet came out at first the bridesmaids and groomsmen, then the bride and groom! But especially the guests of the ceremony was touched by the pledge of allegiance Anna and Artem, in which they confessed to each other in love. Read more HERE.

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