Shape dining tables. Depending on the situation

Формы обеденных столов. Выбираем в зависимости от обстановки

Table is the Central piece of furniture in both professional and private everyday life. For them in negotiations for him to play and, of course, eat. And furniture designers are ready to offer new ideas to literally do for the consumer “tasty” with both round and rectangular dining tables.

Формы обеденных столов. Выбираем в зависимости от обстановки

Table height

Normal dining tables can be considered the height of 60-70 plus or minus a few centimeters. This implies that the dining table will sit and on the right the so-called dining chair. Height of Desk and chair should be suitable to each other, usually in the dining groups, the height of the chair is designed to the height of the table.

While sitting at the table have different height and different sizes, each of them have on long time experience during the feast a sense of comfort. And this is possible when the distance between the countertop and the seat surface is about thirty inches.

As for the choice of round or rectangular dining table not only depends on the taste of the owners, but the available space in the room, as well as other furnishings in the room.

Round or rectangular dining table?

It is important, settling all the room as a dining room, or the room is provided only dining area.

In this dining room with rectangular dining table almost always implies a unity of the situation, combined with the rest of the furniture with rectangular outlines.

And here is the dining area with a round table, on the contrary, looks separate and limited common areas. Usually this area settling in the room, which is used not only for eating.

At the same number of riders round the table requires a large base area than a rectangular table. For meals and drinks with appropriate crockery and Cutlery for one person should have about forty centimeters in the bottom of the table. And between the two sitting opposite each other riders distance needed for comfortable placement of all necessary, should be 20-30 see


If you are using a dining chair with armrests on both sides to maintain an acceptable distance to the neighbor on the side the required width of the table on a single fare approximately 60 cm.

Spatially and space needs a rectangular table is much more efficient and simple than a table of round shape. And a table diameter of one meter due to its zakruglenija loses much of rationality quadrangular table in the same area.

Form affects the emotions

Round the dinner table usually looks more festive and solemn than a comparable square or rectangular table. So for dinner for two by candlelight is considered to cover it round the table. Sitting at this table, like getting the signal that they gather not only to eat and drink, but also to communicate, and then still to continue.

Similar and covered the same angular table, consciously or unconsciously, gives the impression that the guest after a meal should quickly make space for him. But the round table encourages interaction for him as long as possible.

Even if it sits only one person, he already looks like a busy. Quite different is the case with a rectangular table. For rectangular or square table, as they say, the guest is “only a corner”. The other side of the table remain free.

That is, this can hooked other people, destroying the privacy and intimate setting, which is at the Desk does not hurt. This creates the impression of employment of the table, and only one side or corner.

But with all this, the question “is round or angular” can only be answered by the owner of the premises, taking into account the number of riders behind him, and everyday use. But for everyday meal a few individuals still significantly more rational will become a rectangular table.