What is in the wardrobe and what to pay attention to when choosing it?

Из чего состоит шкаф-купе и на что обратить внимание, выбирая его?

First you need to know that the wardrobe is an independent unit. The wardrobe can be placed in any room of your home. Models for such a large number of cabinets and their dimensions can always be adjusted to the desired size.

So the wardrobe is distinguished by its design. There are built-in models are free-standing wardrobes.
In most cases, the buyer prefers a built-in wardrobe. It is a model that is in a niche or wall of the room. These cabinets have no frame. Built-in wardrobe does not have side walls, the ceiling.

Из чего состоит шкаф-купе и на что обратить внимание, выбирая его?
-Made Cabinet

And another thing — is-made Cabinet. This model is a freestanding piece of furniture. This Cabinet is equipped with its own frame and can be placed anywhere in the room and even play the role of a dividing wall in large rooms or office.

Из чего состоит шкаф-купе и на что обратить внимание, выбирая его?
Built-in wardrobe

A few important points:

• It is worth noting that built-in wardrobe to buy much cheaper.
• It can be placed in any form of niche or polonese. This Cabinet is missing the auxiliary frame part, which greatly reduces its price and gives you the opportunity to make maximum use of the whole useful volume.
• The main disadvantages of the “embeddable” is not a strong enough design. This is due to the fact that the built in wardrobe is missing some panels, and the Cabinet attached to the wall.
• It is important to know that the closets are not recommended to fasten to the walls that have a plasterboard finish. In this case, the wall can not withstand large loads.

How to choose a sliding system, as well as the profile for wardrobe?

Из чего состоит шкаф-купе и на что обратить внимание, выбирая его?

Sliding door system wardrobe consists of:

• door frame made of steel or aluminum rail (rail).
• profile — this is the part that is the design of the door frame. In addition, aluminum profile doors Cabinet often acts as a handle of the wardrobe.

Currently in the collection of designs of wardrobes used two types of sliding systems. They are metal from which you are running the profile, this steel and aluminium construction.

A steel profile is made of stainless steel, this metal is in some cases self Cabinet door rails, frame.

It is worth noting that stainless steel is the best option for the fabrication of the wardrobe. This metal is relatively hard and has a high strength, in addition to this he is one of the most durable metals.

Do not forget that, using the steel structure for the manufacture of the Cabinet it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the doors (paintings). Door sizes shall not exceed the generally accepted limits, otherwise a sufficiently large size of the canvas can “play” in the case of use of such membrane in the sliding system made of steel. In this case, the application of finishing materials for the finishing of these door fronts are only valid in horizontal direction.

The same can not be said about aluminum systems. This is a relatively thin-walled extruded metal from which it is profile. However, he is a very rigid structure that enables the facade doors of the wardrobe in combined options, no matter in what direction will the finish.

It is important to note that the construction of sliding door wardrobe takes away from the usable space of the closet about 8-10 cm depth.

Now let’s deal with the materials that are used to execute the facades of the door cabinets

Chipboard is chipboard. This material is the basic material for the production of modern furniture. The plates are fabricated by pressing small particles of wood, which are mixed with an organic binder and pressed by the action of high pressure and high temperature.

Из чего состоит шкаф-купе и на что обратить внимание, выбирая его?

Rattan is a more exotic material that is produced from tropical vines. These boards are used to finish the front side of the facades of the closets and plates these represent wicker rattan.

Bamboo is also decorative material, which is the same as the rattan is used as decorative material in the manufacture of the front facades of the doors of the wardrobe.

Из чего состоит шкаф-купе и на что обратить внимание, выбирая его?

The mirror is glass coated with a reflective film or coating, which is also used in the manufacture of the front side of the facades of the closets. Such a mirror has a thickness of 4mm.

Mirror-bronze is the same mirror only it has a slightly tinted glass and reflective coating with bronze gotovim. The thickness of the mirror is the same and amounts to 4 mm.

Mirror-graphite — such a mirror has only slightly darkened glass. The thickness of the mirror is also 4 mm.

Mirror figure — most often, this mirror pattern is made with sandblasting or paint. In the case of printing inks, the pattern may be colored, while drawings made with matte sandblasting, and remain so for all time.

Lacobel (LACOBEL) — is an opaque glass with quite a variety of colors. One of the sides of the glass is covered with a certain color paint. The surface of this glass is specially treated for better adhesion with the varnish. Glass with color coating provide the best dispersion of mild and more uniform sunlight.

What is the main material in the production of wardrobes is chipboard justified. The use of such material reliably and inexpensively.

In the manufacture of doors (facades) cabinets often use mirrors. Wardrobes with a mirror on the back side has a special protective film, which ensures high operational safety of the wardrobe.

The time has come when you must make a choice inside filling of the wardrobe

The ease of use of the wardrobe directly depends on quality and smart is its content, this also depends on its functionality.

Present a list of basic details that can make the filling of the wardrobe:

  • Shelves. Wardrobe almost always fill the shelves. They come in different types that is standard and retractable. Below wardrobe was convenient to use the minimum recommended distance between shelves at least 30-40 cm Deep shelves recommended at least 50-70cm, this is the best option;
  • Boxes. Wardrobe-compartment can be filled with drawers. The boxes may have a simple design and construction full extension drawers. With the latter you have to push boxes to easily get to all the content. A specially established mechanism simplifies the operation of the drawers.Drawers are often equipped with guide rails with soft closing. This ensures a smooth closing of the drawers without much effort;
  • Rod. Wardrobes always are equipped with rods for clothing. The rods are for different purposes. They are designed for long clothing length 145-160 cm, and short, length 95-120 see Their placement and the number is chosen according to the needs of the owner;
  • Pantograph. In the case when the wardrobe is quite high and it is not always easy, experts recommend a device in this pantographs. This device, which is installed with the handle advances the rod with outerwear at a convenient height;
  • For shoes. Closets are often equipped with grids or shelves for storing shoes. This kind of shelves should be installed at a certain slope for ease of use, they are very convenient to store different seasonal shoes;
  • Basket. To fill the wardrobe can and special baskets. As box are the boxes of the grid. They seamlessly move in and out of the Cabinet through the available videos. The boxes are quite convenient for storage of linen, blankets, quilts, etc. They are well ventilated and they are always visible that is.

So we have given you the basic components that are used for internal filling of wardrobes to order.
As for filling the wardrobes there is another additional equipment. This increases the ease of operation of the Cabinet, but you should know that this greatly increases the cost and time of manufacture of this furniture.