Natural wood is the best material for countertops

Натуральная древесина — лучший материал для столешницы

Wood as a finishing material, has a century of application experience. Despite the emergence of new, innovative materials, the popularity and demand for wood remains high.

Натуральная древесина — лучший материал для столешницы

Wood top fills the room with aroma of freshness and purity. Natural wood goes well with other types of finishing materials:
— natural stone
— keramogranitom,
— plastic,
— metal
— glass, etc.

Designers appreciate the advantages of wood, and the ability to arrange any style interior, from classic to modern.

Furniture panel: the advantages

Countertops made of wood, on the basis of prepared in advance furniture boards, are one of the most common types of finished products. The use of such countertops for kitchen, gives you the following advantages:
— a natural, attractive appearance;
— beautiful original texture of the countertop;
— environmental friendly material;
— increased strength, resistance to quite high loads;
— long-lasting flawless operation;
— the ability to choose any colors and shades.

The most popular and common types of wood used as kitchen worktops are:
— oak;
— larch;
— ash;
— walnut.

The wood of these species is characterized by the strength of the surface, beautiful appearance, texture, resistance to water, temperature extremes, etc.

The right choice

Furniture Board V OOO Dilekt are manufactured on modern high-tech equipment from different types of wood. The quality of the raw material using the best grade wood of different types — from the traditional leader’s popularity — oak, to economical, durable and practical enough pine wood. For lovers of exotic, overseas wooden materials are wenge, American walnut, canadian cedar, etc.

We can order table tops in the following sizes:
— band length — 90 cm — 5.0 m;
— width 20 — 120 cm;
— thickness — from 20 to 60 mm.

The shape of the tabletop can be round or oval, rectangular or square, with intricate geometric cutouts, through holes, etc. More detailed information can be found on the website of the company.

Wood countertops are always a good choice and interior decoration!