Выгодные скидки на вышки ВСП 250 каждому заказчику

The company “Construction resources” has decided to fill up a custom audience by implementing nice discounts in the sale and rental of construction towers. Mobile spatial design are in great demand among consumers. They are ideal for the organization of construction, repair and finishing works. Compact towers can be installed both inside and outside the premises.

The maximum height of the towers VSP 250 is 7.6 meters. They are equipped with a convenient working areas for the location of the engineers, tools and the necessary set of materials. The system is designed for mechanical load 250 kg. In the design of the plant includes two bases. For their connection used metal surround the diagonal. The basis for the rigs included helical supports and smaller wheels to support mobility equipment.

The construction unit is a compact and affordable product. The working area is covered with deck hatches, which use durable plywood and steel pipe. On the website you can leave a request for the purchase of the tower tours at a reduced cost. Typically, mobile part of scaffolding used for construction and finishing works at relatively low altitude.

The main advantages of the tower tours is the mobility, simplicity and ease of Assembly, stability and security. Such equipment belongs to the category of multipurpose plants. It can be used on all construction sites. Aluminum tower systems consist of several levels. Some consumers use such constructs to create temporary scenes for cultural events and activities.

The company “Building resources” the HSE VSP 250 provide strength, reliability and stability. They have many advantages over traditional scaffolding. Equipment has improved dimensions of the work area. It can be easily moved on the construction site even assembled. Light weight structural elements of the tower tours allows you to quickly carry out the dismantling operation. The system can be used in warehouse logistics and in the oil industry or the energy sector. They are ideal for repairs all types of vehicles.