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Сервис примерки светильников запущен в работу

Friends, we have great news! The portal lighting equipment debugged and launched to the masses the opportunity to try the lamps and chandeliers in the interior of the real building.

Now the selection of the lamp online is simplified. With this tool users will be able to see how a particular chandelier will fit into their rooms. Typically, the selection problem is largely that it is difficult to imagine how it will look like the lamp in the showroom, but on your particular wall. Now it’s possible to do without using expensive design services.

Below a couple of examples of what happens when you use the service.

Сервис примерки светильников запущен в работу

Сервис примерки светильников запущен в работу

In some particularly successful cases, it is difficult to understand that a lamp is “imposed” in the photo, but not actually received in the frame.

How to use this tool?

In order to try the fitting should be on the website to put in the basket of goods that you want to try on, and then go to cart and select to “Try on”. It is possible to place and scale the lamps on the standard interior, or preferably, upload a photo of your room.

Of course, this tool is not perfect, as it is difficult from the photo to appreciate the scale, but even when the size “by eye” to determine the lamp fits into the room’s style and colors, quite possibly.

The best part of the fitting is a simple and intuitive interface. All you need to do is take a picture of the room and drag any lamp in the desired location in the room.
Waiting for your feedback on the fitting.

The development team is trying Fandeco