Детская комната глазами ребенка: как узнать, что нравится вашему чаду?

Before the baby is born parents usually decorate the children’s room to your taste. But when the baby grows up, you should redecorate his preferences. But how to understand that the child will like and, most importantly, how to push him to think about the proper design? As always, help games.

Детская комната глазами ребенка: как узнать, что нравится вашему чаду?

Dizinin room in Minecraft

Many parents heard about the game Minecraft. It’s such a little ugly at first glance, the runner, where you have to kill monsters, gather materials and build houses. Here is the last paragraph we are interested in. The fact that the home interior design here you can create almost any! And it might help you to understand which from the point of view of the child should be children room.

If the opportunity to play real Minecraft you have, you can start with primitive drives and about the construction of the house. One of them is called “Minecraft creative” and it will certainly interest your child.

At the bottom there are blocks that can be selected for the construction of the top control buttons (to change the background, remove the unit, show grid, to keep a job). Capabilities the stick, of course, less than that of the normal game, but it is quite possible to engage in the construction of his house with his personal room.

If the functionality of mini-games is not enough, go to the original Minecraft or a Minecraft mod. In the original design is weak, although they can create a very impressive design.

Encourage your child to experiment, engage with him the design of the room, he explains his actions: why he puts the table here and a bed there.

Детская комната глазами ребенка: как узнать, что нравится вашему чаду?

A lot more features in the mod that are specifically sharpened by the creation of interiors. Here the choice of items for your home is much richer, but not always, this game just install. Follow the directions carefully and examine the list of the new crafting, otherwise you will not be able to build a home — you just won’t know what to add.

Детская комната глазами ребенка: как узнать, что нравится вашему чаду?

By the way, all maintenance can be performed in a special mode: the Creative Mode. This will allow not to waste time collecting resources.

How to see the child: expert opinion

Most psychologists agree that a child’s personal space is a safe fortress where we can hide from the problems of the outside world. So the kids often do not have a very positive attitude to sudden changes, especially if you were not asked their opinions. But the changes need to make. And you need consciously.

Points to consider when modifying a child’s room:

  • the child sees color differently. Something for you — “gray-blue” for him “grey” and “pale olive” and all can be dirty. Therefore, in the interior of the room should be more bright colors. At the same time avoid acidic shades, take pure tones, like the rainbow;
  • the baby is always interesting where a lot of small parts. The more detail, complex structures (for example, bunk bed), the more interesting. So do not skimp on the details. Leave simplicity for boring adults;
  • the much less you, so the room seems it is not just big, huge. In it you can put a lot of things, making her a real Princess castle, a wild jungle or Park at the Palace. Don’t be afraid to put in the room more things: chairs, tables, shelves, toys. Importantly, they were safe;
  • the choice to do with the baby. Remember that making independent decisions is one of the most important stages of development. If your child is not able to decide for yourself, do not know what he wants, you can assume that raising a spineless creature that will always be just to follow circumstances. The more decisions a child receives and can justify, the better for him. Furnished private room — a great springboard for training.

Perhaps the organization of the perfect child’s room will need a little more time than you planned. But don’t feel sorry for him. In the end, don’t you live there and your child. Therefore, actively engage children in the creation of the interior, find out his interests and try to diversify the situation.