New circuit breakers Compact NSX DC currents And 400-1200

Новые выключатели Compact NSX DC на токи 400-1200 А

Now in the producer line appeared Compact NSX DC circuit breakers for use in networks with a current of 400-1200 amperes. Implementation of the old models have been discontinued from the first of December 2016.

Новые выключатели Compact NSX DC на токи 400-1200 А

What goals do devices Compact NSX DC?

Circuit breakers Compact NSX DC has gained wide popularity due to the high technical and operational characteristics of the device allow to save energy and prevent accidents in the workplace. The main purpose of the switches is switching and disconnecting different power systems. From 30 November, all buyers have the opportunity to order the delivery of new devices — Compact NSX DC 400/1200 A.

The devices are suitable for a wide range of tasks:

  • reduction of the loads in moments of short circuits;
  • accurate records of energy consumption and analysis of information;
  • effective protection against short circuits, overloads, etc.

Switches are able to solve intellectual problems, in particular when damage occurs to trigger only one device that is situated near the place of breakdown. As a result, the device disconnects the damaged circuit, maintaining the voltage in other areas.

On the vendor’s site provides a detailed catalogue Compact NSX, which you can see the line of switches, their prices and main characteristics.

The advantages of circuit breakers from Schneider Electric

Modern devices used in power systems with a current 400-1200 A, lead the analysis of the main characteristics of the network and provide consumer information in a convenient form. The switch can be integrated into the Modbus network (widely used in factories for high-quality communications between different electronic devices).

Highlight the advantages of switches:

  • a high level of security and protection.
  • simple and convenient operation;
  • improving the efficiency of energy systems.

The device used to protect different power plants, another area of application is the control of low voltage electrical installations. The manufacturer has significantly expanded the line, offering consumers a wide range of devices with different characteristics, including a model with a cut-off function. The new switches will replace the previous model, with the same high quality, typical for all products a popular brand of Schneider Electric.