Rynska revealed a secret affair Svetlana Bondarchuk

Рынска раскрыла тайный роман Светланы Бондарчук

Based on the words of the infamous journalist, the victim in the family of Bondarchuk’s not Svetlana and Fedor.

Now what day the top story in the media is the divorce of the famous family of Bondarchuk. After 25 years of marriage the couple decided to break up without recriminations, civilized and quiet. Unfortunately, the famous people find it difficult to hide the skeletons in the closet, and sometimes impossible.

Rumors that the family of Bondarchuk comes divorce, went long ago, but believe they do not like: too beautiful couple, strong. I wanted to believe that they will break the statistics of star divorces and will remain an example to follow. However, Svetlana and Fedor made an official statement through the magazine HELLO!, whose editor is Svetlana.

Naturally, around this story instantly came to the surface of the juicy details. Fans and journalists began to seek the cause of a family tragedy of Bondarchuk and find, here only there is unclear.

Today the Director is credited with an affair with a young actress Paulina Andreeva. Allegedly, it’s because 27-year-old beauty Fedor left his wife and even planning to get married with a new sweetheart.

Bondarchuk and Andreeva has not yet confirmed the news about their relationship. Moreover, they never appeared in public together. At the recent ceremony of the Association of producers of film and television Pauline was also alone.

Well here like everything is clear: man, as always, to blame, to find a young girl, and the wife of the scrap – a classic of the genre! But with this version there is someone to argue with. Infamous journalist Bozhena Rynska were not able to see how deluded people around.

Loud discussing this story with colleagues on Facebook, Rynska said that she will have another man, and that means there is regret offended husband? Which, according to her neighbour for many years fought for the love of his wife.

“Svetlana krasivuy – one? Don’t make me laugh. Svetlana no one in a long time. In the year 2012, if I’m not mistaken, Fedor tried to persuade Svetka back, gave her a rock, all my friends tried to persuade Svetka not to leave, and so on. It’s not my secret, I have no right to name names, but she asks not one and have not one” – suddenly uncovered family secrets bondarchukom of Rynska.

Probably still both good! In the end, what may not happen in 25 years of marriage. At least Svetlana and Fedor holding up decently in the situation and try to peacefully end the marital relationship. Judging by the “Instagram” Svetlana, she tries to maintain friendly relations with her ex-husband. On the last picture, posted it, Fedor is happy playing with his grandchildren.

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