Maria Sittel commented on a fifth pregnancy

Мария Ситтель прокомментировала пятую беременность

Fall TV presenter is preparing once again to become a mother.

Famous presenter of the program “Time” is now in the fourth month of pregnancy and in the autumn prepares to give birth to a fifth child.

Maria Sittel confirmed this information to journalists recently. 40-year-old big Mama said that she and her husband do not yet know the sex of the child, for they have little value in this. Equally spouses will be happy and the boy and the girl.

“Don’t know yet who will be – shared with Mary We never thought of. According to tradition – who is God!”

Recall that the eldest daughter of TV presenter from his first marriage, Dasha, 21 years. With second husband, businessman Alexander Tereshchenko, Mary had three sons: Ivan, Savva and Nicholas.

Mary can be called the heroine. She not only manages to bring up four children, but also to actively build a career in television.

When Sittel was pregnant with her second child until the birth, she continued to work and went on maternity leave. And on the day of birth, Mary herself behind the wheel of his car arrived to the Moscow center for family planning, at that time she already broke water. The doctors were ready for the arrival of the presenter, immediately sent her to the maternity ward, where after a few hours was born a boy.

“Journalism does not interfere with the family. I was watching myself from the outside: a lot of time goes wasted! And I could do something useful for themselves. What free time a person has no, is a myth. Now for example, I have a lot of free time! At work there are more or less free week. One week I’m on the air, the second – by-frame. Then we with colleagues prepare, impose annual special reports such as, paint… the trip is So arranged my life that I work and had four wonderful children to give birth.

I have time with them and to ride on roller skates, and to play chess – I want to do everything! I can’t postpone for tomorrow what can do today. Want to start a family, and to improve in the profession, and to meet friends. At last, by the way, now the time is not enough,” admitted Sittel in an interview.

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