Putin told about the relationship with his ex-wife

Путин рассказал об отношениях с бывшей женой

But about who will become the new first lady, Mr Putin promised to tell another time.

Reporters just love to ask the President of the suggestive questions. Nynyashnyaya, already the fourteenth under the account, “Straight line” is no exception.

“Recently the Newspapers wrote that your ex-wife Lyudmila Alexandrovna married. And when you introduce the first lady of our country?” – asked the journalist.

“With Lyudmila we not infrequently meet. We have good relations. Perhaps even better than they were before. Don’t know what you read in the Newspapers, but it is my life happy and doing well. I also like it, and I’m fine,” he said.

The President also drew the attention that his personal life is not the paramount issue for the state.

“Things that relate to personal life, of course, of interest but are not essential. Maybe someday I will be able to satisfy your curiosity,” said Mr Putin.

We will remind, Vladimir Vladimirovich has told about the divorce with his wife Lyudmila in June 2013. By the word of the head of state, the decision to divorce was a joint.

“We hardly see each other, our marriage is over”, – said Putin.

In turn, the first lady said that it intends to keep friendly relations with her husband.

“I don’t like publicity, and the flights are complicated for me. We love children, they are seen constantly. I am grateful to Vladimir Vladimirovich that he I still support”, – told reporters Lyudmila Putin.

In January 2016, according to reports in the media, it became known that the ex-President’s wife was married. The chosen 58-year-old Lyudmila Putina became 37-the summer head of Center of development of interpersonal communications (CRMC) Arthur Ocheretny.

And remember?..

Last year Mr Putin told how to persuade the husband to the dog.

Participant of the “Straight line”, we recall, asked Mr Putin to influence her husband friend, retired Colonel, who forbids her to have a pet.

“Please tell him, Boris, you’re wrong, wife let the dog” – suddenly asked she.

The President smiled and suggested developing a joint plan of action to address such a difficult problem.

“For example, you and I together, you and I, can ask Boris to meet his wife. And Elena could say, “No, I don’t need a dog, I will do what you want”, I am sure that she not just a dog, he and the elephant would give, especially if she were going to say at the right time. Maybe another coat will promise,” replied Mr Putin.

And at the end summed it up: “Boris, please, please let my wife buy a dog. Moreover, it is a good thing and strengthens the family” (read more here).

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