ISA Dolmatova will become a mother for the second time

Айза Долматова станет мамой во второй раз

Businesswoman reported a pregnancy in Instagram. Presumably she is now in the fourth month of pregnancy.

Until today, ex-wife of rapper Guf hide her pregnancy. Although in a recent interview she admitted that she wants to give the child of your current spouse Dmitry Anokhin.

About the interesting position of ISA reported on his page on Instagram.

“Baby, I promise you, when you appear in this light, I will cleanse our world from all evil. And let us with you now it is very difficult, but we’ll manage. Especially since we have such a strong and good Pope. Have a nice day… and may God grant us all humility, patience and lack of anger in his chest. I often try to calm their hormones, but it was the most difficult task,” admitted the expectant mother.

Recall that the ISA already has children from his first marriage with rapper Guf. Her husband Dmitry is very affectionate with a boy. Happy family most of my time living in Bali and only occasionally visited Russia.

“Dima immediately found a common language with Sam. They are generally best friends. They spend so much time together that sometimes I tell them: “I also want you to play”. They love each other, and they’re right friends are friends,” said the ISA in a recent interview Woman’s Day (read more here).

ISA is a very caring mother, dedicates his time to his son. We can assume that the star wants to give birth to her daughter, once in her Instagram she mentioned it.

“Someday I will have a daughter. And I’ll dream, that she was a dancer” – wrote in the microblog Dolmatova, laying out a picture with an unknown girl.

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