Фоторепортаж: Анна Грачевская вышла замуж во второй раз

Ex-wife of the Creator of the “jumble” Boris Grachevsky became the wife of basketball player Artem kuzjakina.

Wedding celebration was held in the Moscow jewelry house “Estet”, decorated in pink tones, in the presence of friends and relatives.

The bride, as expected, was in a classic white dress, the groom in a black tuxedo.

The wedding ceremony was held in the genre of Hollywood movies. First down the red carpet to the press were four bridesmaids in matching purple dresses, then dancing, the guests were the friends of the groom. Then appeared in the hall the groom himself, and after a while and the bride.

After a long applause, the bride and groom exchanged vows of fidelity.

“I told you many times and early this morning sent the SMS in which written that you are amazing, such is not the case – it began Artem. — I am very happy that we’re together, that we rejoice that all of their relatives gathered with us on this occasion. I love you madly!”

When came to talk to Anna, she’s a little confused and forgot what I wanted to say. But he got out, read the text, written the day before, by phone.

“I want you to promise me a few things. First, that you will always have white t-shirts. And let them be 350 tons, but they will all be white. Second: if you next time will cross the Garden ring, I’m poking all your friends. And yet. Let all we will have “teeth”. Well, you know. And let quicken Hodor in “Game of thrones”… And I love you very much and very happy that we are together,” said Anna, barely holding back tears.

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Offer hands and hearts from Artem kuzjakina Anna Grachevskaya, we recall, got in late November of last year. And it happened very suddenly. A young man invited a friend for a hot air balloon ride, and when they patanjalis 450 meters from the ground, he got down on one knee and put his beloved on a ring finger ring.

Artem: – will you marry me? I: – of Course Yes! PS balloon. Height – 450 meters. The choice is limited: either – Yes or – neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!” – written while in Grachevskaya Instagram.

For Artem, as for Anna, this was the second marriage. From the former wife of the athlete is survived by two children – son mark and daughter Margaret.

Anna from Boris Grachevsky left a daughter Vasilisa. The girl lives with mother.

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