Dana Borisova divorced man of her dreams

Дана Борисова развелась с мужчиной своей мечты

On the eve of its 40th anniversary, the TV host finally severed all relations with her husband.

June 22, 2015 Dana secretly married businessman Andrey Trotsenko. In July, the pair played a wedding in all traditions, the bride was in white, the groom in a suit. Fans finally happy for Borisov, because the father of her daughter Pauline businessman Maxim Aksenov star has not reached the Registrar’s office.

But, alas, the first and only leading the marriage lasted less than a year. As it turned out, the problems in the family began in the winter.

“With the new year, I was threatened by many different problems, passed away, my close friend Tim Brick, with whom I worked for many years. I had some depression, did not want to communicate with anyone, force anything it was not. Apparently, Andrew could not resist to this of my condition. In February my daughter and Pauline flew to the Maldives on vacation, upon returning Andrew was supposed to meet us at the airport, but on the wrong flight and in the end just left us flowers home, and then said that living with me will be no more. Since then we saw each other two or three times. Then it became clear, that’s all. I my feelings for him completely freed, thank God, and that my depression is gone”, – said the host in an interview to Woman’s Day.

April 27, Dana went to court and filed for divorce. Today Borisov officially a free woman again, which she was glad.

“I don’t despair, but don’t want to get married,” commented the leader.

Recall that on 13 June at Borisova birthday – she turns 40 years. Judging by the fact that the star is not upset because of a failed marriage, divorce for her was more a gift for the holiday.

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