Дети Валерии рассказали, как над ними издевался отец

Terrible details of his personal life the star’s family shared in a live TV show.

June 5, the singer Valeria and producer Joseph Prigogine celebrated a significant event. Exactly 12 years ago, the couple formalized their relationship.

The morning star family accepts congratulations and shares his memories about the wedding on personal pages in social networks.

“How quickly time flies. Exactly 12 years ago, we exchanged rings. I’m still incredibly happy with Valeria and I thank all who have in the course of the day congratulated,” commented laid out in Instagram the wedding Prigogine.

“For the first time with Joseph we saw each other March 12, 2003, talked at work, and during a conversation I did not flirt, – says Valery already. — I think that’s what I did and was hooked – not tried and not tried to please him. And especially not thought that this person will live as many years. We began to cooperate, to meet each day, and I did not notice that Joseph literally tamed me and made his presence so indispensable that one day I realized I love this man. Once again: in all that time we never happened evening or a date that I would come prikolachivayte”.

But fans, unfortunately, discussing most other news related with star family. On the eve of the anniversary of the children of the popular singer gave a Frank interview to journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!”, in which in detail told about how to be treated a father, former husband of Valerie.

“I was very afraid, all that I felt all my childhood is fear,” admitted Anna in the program. The girl told how dad had put her outside, forced to watch horror movies and were systematically hand.

“He’s a scary man. I still can’t forget how our Artema car sick, and Shulgin as he was hit in the face that the child’s ear turned black, in turn, said she is a mother of three children. — Moreover, Shulgin locked him in the punishment in the cage with the dog Theme was very afraid. This attitude to the child was born – another year he was not.”

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