Канануха: Воробьев шел в «Холостяк» не за женой

The winner of “the Bachelor” last season “re-elected” himself for a second term and shared their opinion on the choice of Alex.

Last Saturday fans of the fourth season of the show “the Bachelor” on TNT, in which the girls desperately fought for the heart of Alexey Vorobyov, were shocked by his choice. Catch refused at once both girls reached the finals.

— I was rooting for Ian. She seemed very sincere, open to the senses, something even reminded me on the project, – said Dasha. — Although the story of Natasha touched me. I think she’s just very cautious because of its difficult childhood. Alex, let’s be honest, at the peak of his career, very confident, and not deprived of female attention was not on the project for the wife. All of his checks and antics resembled an American TV series in which each series contains more action than the previous one. Kept everyone in suspense and made stars out of the show. I was impressed with his directness and ability to do what he wants.

His choice in the finale, according to my mom, “honest girls”. Knew that will not build further relations with either one of them, and did not give false hopes. He again allowed himself to do what he wants. Not what we all expect from him.

Why did all three months fooling, you ask?! We will not hide that – Oh, how increased the interest of the public, which are so important for the artist. Tried, tested our strength and, I’m sure, discovered another Alex. Perhaps the previous bachelors thought, “But is that what it was?” I’m more interested in what will happen after the show – are they going to build imaginary love triangles and a lot of articles “Who is he?” It depends on three characters: Natasha, Alexey and Yana. I want to believe that girls will adequately stand the test of copper pipes.

Mercantile will add notes – retain the title of the winner of “the Bachelor.” Remain for a second term, for which a low bow to Timur. I believe that he was the best bachelor, and grateful that it was in the third season.

When there is nothing to compare, you know that Timur the shore as we could. And Yana and Natasha want to get the most from the project and to find true love.

In four seasons, none of the couple formed on the Bachelor”, did not last year. In October last year, Timur Batrutdinov, who chose Daria Kanawha, admitted that until that time, they were United by a contract and not about any feelings, especially marriage with a student from Kazan and speech could not be. However, Daria recently claimed that he was waiting for that Timur will pay attention to it and offer to continue the relationship, which the audience saw on the project. During this time she has acquired an army of followers in social networks, became the face of several brands and opened a children’s Studio etiquette. Immediately after the end of the contract Daria began to warm to his interest by the fans, to declassify which categorically refused to show in social networks explaining that the young man is afraid that he will compare with Timur Batrutdinov.

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