Звезда «Родины» женился на спортсменке с протезами

34-year-old British actor Rupert Friend, and 39-year-old Paralympic athlete and record holder in jumping and running among the people with amputated legs, Aimee Mullins has played a secret wedding.

The celebration took place in early may, but Rupert Friend was informed about it only now, in posting a touching Instagram photo with the bride…

In the comments to wedding pictures, the groom said the wedding was held outdoors, but due to sudden rain they had to take shelter in the nearest barn. However, bad weather did not spoil the triumph. On the contrary, footage on the background of hay was very romantic.

Friend and Mullins met in 2013, and a year later announced their engagement. For both the marriage was the first in my life.

We have to admit that celebrities do inspire respect and trust. Their example can not somnevatsya that love cannot prevent unforeseen circumstances.

Model, actress, writer and athlete Aimee Mullins, recall that in the childhood suffered a leg amputation below the knee. Difficult surgery future star had to make due to congenital hemimelia – the lack of fibula bones. But I think it does not hurt her to be held in public, and in private life.

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