Павел Прилучный грозил жене разводом

Star of TV series “Closed school” very quick-tempered when it comes to jealousy.

Even in the most friendly at first glance, the families there are conflicts and omissions. Famous wife Agatha muceniece and Paul Priluchny is no exception. The actors admitted that between them there were serious quarrels and insults with the fights and breaking dishes.

So, after the party in honor of the birthday of a family friend of Tahir Mammadov, Paul and Agatha erupted serious scandal. And the culprit was the zeal of Paul to a friend of his wife.

“Came home, got into a fight. Beat the dishes. Pasha shouted to them that she will file for divorce – says Agata. I didn’t say anything for a long time. But when you get dopekayut – my answer is this, that does not seem little. Word for word – and away we go. Flying cups and plates. At that time we literally blew the rented apartment in Riga, even the door knocked. The next morning at covering his tracks, repaired. Pasha asked forgiveness: what can you do, so violent.”

I am glad that when the children of the star couple never find out the relationship in this way. Agatha as a wise woman trying to hold back the emotions until the moment that will remain with your beloved alone.

“Pasha right brain makes me sometimes, brings on serious outbursts of feelings. Love, then hate, then love with every cell, – says the actress in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”. — Can such Italian passion for us is ideal? Well, there is love all the time vanilla, and pepper to add. Splash out emotions and over all wonderful. Acting? Can be! But after all, we actors are. Broken dishes is not bad. Buy a new one!”

Recall that on March 3, Agata muceniece gave birth to her second child, a girl. For the second time became Pope Paul Priluchny in this moment was on the set of the series “Major” in St. Petersburg.

“Filmed on this day on the street. And then Paul shouts: “I Have a daughter!” Apparently, he got a call or a message sent, told Woman’s Day reports. — And in General in the group knew that he was very nervous, worried about his wife and child. He said that even the night did not sleep. The shooting didn’t stop after the good news Paul finished the shift, and the next morning also came. Apparently, will go to Moscow for the holidays”.

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