Елена Летучая ждет первенца

Surrounded by the star confirmed that she is pregnant and is going to soon cease to work in the program “Revizorro”.

Once it became known that Elena will soon stop Flying to work in the popular program “Revizorro” on TV channel “Friday!”, immediately rumors about the pregnancy presenter.

As it turned out, talk about interesting position of the star are not unfounded. Because Flying colleague, who preferred to remain in the shadows, confirmed all speculation. According to him, 37-year-old TV star is now at the early stage of pregnancy. So Volatile and is forced to leave the dangerous work. After all, there are cases when employees establishments behave quite aggressive. And the frequent trips to the woman in this position to anything.

I must say, all this seems to be true. Now Elena is preparing for her wedding with businessman Yuri Analogovym. About the engagement with her lover blonde announced last month. On Valentine’s Day, she personally shared the good news on Facebook.

According to “the source”, the new host of “Revizorro” may become Olga Romanovskaya, who at one time played in the group “VIA Gra” together with Vera Brezhneva Albina and Dzhanabaeva.

“We are not yet ready to make any official statements”, – said PR-Director of “Friday!” Natalia Abramochkin. However, she did not refute the information about the upcoming changes on the channel.

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