Киркоров рассказал, почему от него ушла Пугачева

The singer still scolds himself for losing the woman he loves.

Since the breakup Kirkorov and Pugacheva has been more than 10 years. Now everyone is talking about the marriage of Philip and Alla as the subject. Philip closely friendly with Maxim Galkin, star of the family occasionally spend weekends and holidays… it would Seem that all grievances forgotten, but no!

The other day it became clear that the king of Russian pop is still going through because of separation. During the interview, Julia men’shovoy the singer admitted that he is still not forgiven myself for not being able to save your marriage with Pugacheva.

“What a fool I am! What a gorgeous woman! How could I possibly lose? Don’t ask me. I finished selfish, little boy who just started playing with Slava. I became impudent, legs dangling. Imagine, in this Kirkorov. Idiot. Understand that I loved and, unfortunately, went very wrong. That he paid for and repent. But it’s too late, said the popular singer during the program “Alone with all”. — Everything in life differently, she has a beautiful family, the kids, the house, Klavochka was born, she doted… She loves daughter Christina, Misha (her husband), they have a wonderful handsome family… happy Alla. And I, friend, today is a great happiness to see her happy, young, thin, with burning eyes, drowning in love at home. See how it is Max, he’s good”.

Recall that Philip was the fourth husband of Donna. The couple formalized their relationship in 1994, but after 11 years, for unknown reasons, collapsed.

Four years later, in 2011, Alla Pugacheva was married to humorist Maxim Galkin. In 2012, the star couple announced about the desire to have children. A year later, the surrogate mother gave birth to two beautiful kids. The boy was named Harry, and the girl Lisa.

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