Сам себе дизайнер: галерея готовых интерьерных решений от Леруа Мерлен

Every day, Leroy Merlin helps its clients find the optimal path in the implementation of ambitious plans: the company now offers a set of ready design solutions for every taste.

Stylish, practical, nice and cozy. And all this — with minimal effort. Such a solution seeks to find the modern consumer. Choose the right style and keep it in the repair and decoration of premises — a task for professionals in the field of interior design. But first, it’s not cheap, and secondly, it takes a lot of time. Therefore, as a rule, the role of the designers in their apartments and houses done by the customers themselves. And this is a waste of time and money. Service Leroy Merlin removes this burden from their customers, and it is absolutely free.

Now customers of Leroy Merlin can trust the style of their premises to professionals: the specialists of the company developed several dozen variants of ready interior solutions available in stores Leroy Merlin materials for interior finishing, furniture and decor elements. It’s easy as one, two, three:

1. Choose in the gallery ready interior solutions suitable for any style of repair room.
2. Then add to cart all the necessary materials — from laminate and Wallpaper to lamps and pillows on the sofa.
3. More than anything not to think, just to finish finishing. By the way, for anyone doing the repair yourself, Leroy Merlin conducts master classes at the School of repair of Leroy Merlin.

In the gallery ready-made solutions, Leroy Merlin, you can choose the styles for the kitchen, living room, nursery, bathroom, hallway and bedroom. Options are constantly added, they can be reproduced fully or partially. Any solution is easily adaptable to the specific room. Leroy Merlin develops its services in the spirit of modernity, as it not only saves your customer time, but also allows him to imagine what will be the bedroom or kitchen — visualization will help to see your house in detail.

Leroy Merlin — trust the professionals!