Характеристики и область применения металлического круга

Long products presented by different solutions. Consider the characteristics of the metal circle — the universal rolling of the product.

Steel bars is one of the most popular varieties of rolled steel. The circle has a wide range of applications, from production of components to the glazing of loggias.

What is the steel bars and what determines their value?

Metal circle is a product with a circular cross section. On the market there are bars with different diameters ranging from 5 to 200 mm. If required, you can order the production of rental on an exclusive project, installing a larger diameter (up to 270 mm).

Highlight other key features of circles:

• precision rolling (normal, increased, high);
• length and mode of delivery (in bars or coils);
• steel (alloyed, carbon, high alloy, etc.).

These characteristics determine the cost of the metal circle and the volume of deliveries. Each type of rolled steel products intended for use in certain conditions, this is largely dependent on the metal used, for example, rods of alloy steel suitable for use in harsh Northern conditions, in particular, they show a fine in the ground pipelines.

On the website http://metallz.ru/produkciya/sortovoj_prokat/krug_st3sp_st20_st35_st45_st40h provides detailed information about metal circles: specifications, prices, etc.

The scope of long products with a circular cross section

Rods are a versatile product, as it has found application in various fields. This is due to their excellent performance:

• high strength and precision of the cross section in geometry;
• flexibility (the range is able to recover the shape with a little bending);
• reasonable price (the bars are cheaper than rebar or wire rod).

One of the main applications of metal is making preparations for future hardware parts, fasteners, railings, stairs, etc. rolled steel used in mechanical engineering and machine tool industry, construction of steel structures and manufacture of decorative products (e.g., parts of the shelving systems, retail displays, etc.).

The circles used in outdoor advertising (in the manufacture of structures), construction (products perfectly withstand the high load and temperature changes) in the automotive and shipbuilding industries. In conclusion I will add that this is not a complete list of areas, which successfully used a calibrated metal circles.