В компании «Донские Зори» рассказали об особенностях своего кирпича

The company “Donskie Zori” specializiruetsya for the manufacture of ceramic bricks by hand moulding. The company’s specialists told about the merits of their products, methods of manufacture of which is unique.

Clay or ceramic bricks used in construction since antiquity — for thousands of years and is considered one of the most durable of materials, especially for private construction. Many architects and designers love the brick for its aesthetic properties and is used not only in construction but also as material for interior finishing and decoration of buildings.

Special attention should be paid to clay bricks that formed the old-fashioned way, by hand. The method allows to obtain really unique products, which give the buildings a bright personality, warmth and uniqueness. One of the few Russian companies that produce unique brick — Donskie Zori with production in Novocherkassk, Rostov region.

Hand-formed brick is gaining popularity due to its non-identical — the front surface of ordinary products are not repeated and appreciate it specialists. This brick gives any facade of originality.

The company “Donskie Zori” has started to produce its unique brick in 2009. The idea to create a really unusual product was born from the founders of the company originally wanted to avoid the “standard” and impersonality.

Brick is unique not only in its form. The conditions for firing bricks give a unique pattern to each individual brick and to obtain a rich color palette. Bricks can have Burgundy, yellow, brown, red, orange, grey and black dominant colors. The technology allows to obtain monochromatic or variegated texture of the brick.

On customer request, the company may apply to bricks individual symbols, logo, emblem or pattern. There is a possibility to manufacture custom ceramic decorative elements on the patterns of the client.

Donskie Zori manufactures brick of several sizes:

• Standard facing 250×120×65 mm.
• Standard facing 250×60×65 mm.
• Custom cladding 215×102×65 mm.
• Custom cladding 490×90×37 mm.

Latest size deserves special attention. Product length — 490 mm — allows to embody in the construction of the most daring architectural solution and give the facades a really unusual look. 10 years ago to buy a brick in Moscow was almost impossible.

Every month the plant ships to customers of about 400 thousand units of bricks. Products are not inferior in quality to the best foreign counterparts: have the M125 strength, frost resistance 300 cycles.

All collections of bricks, which produces “Donskie Zori”, it is possible to study in detail on the official website of the company.

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