How to get delicious and clean water

Как получить вкусную и чистую воду

Today, no kitchen is complete without a water filtration system. After all, for every inhabitant of the metropolis pure water is not a natural given, but a result of numerous cleanings from impurities. Many citizens are even willing to buy bottled water. However, much more convenient to use water filtration system.

Как получить вкусную и чистую воду

Today, there are several types of filtering. It is known to all filter jugs with replaceable cartridges. They can accommodate a maximum of 4 liters, the cartridges need to be replaced approximately once a month, and the capacity takes up precious space in the kitchen. This kind of filters are able to remove chlorine from the water and some contaminants, however, inconvenient to use, especially for families in which more than two people.
The pre-filters are small metal mesh cartridge and propylene. They are installed to remove solids such as particles of sand and rust. However, they are powerless against microorganisms, chlorine and heavy metals.
Mains filters include cleaning the flask with the cleaning element, they connect directly to the water pipe. The disadvantage of this filter is the lack of a universal cartridge. Cartridge have to choose on the basis of preliminary laboratory analysis of water.

Reverse osmosis system — more advanced treatment system. When filtering this type of water goes through several levels of purification, and enters the holding tank installed under the kitchen sink, and from there flows into a special tap, and holding tank full again. The disadvantage of these systems may be called low speed of purification and high consumption of water, as water with impurities is sent to the sewer.

The latest development in this area is the water filtration system, eSpring, based on patented technology of wireless (inductive) connection eCoupled with four stages of cleaning. In addition to the coal filter, which retains most of the harmful impurities (sand, rust, algae, etc.), the system is equipped with UV lamp, destroying pathogens. Thanks to the touch-sensor UV lamp is turned on only at the time of the water supply, which saves power. Smart chip monitors the yield, which is approximately 5 thousand liters of water, enough for a year of use for family of three. Electronic monitoring keeps track of the entire system in a timely manner reporting any issues or the replacement period of the cartridge. Another plus eSpring that its installation does not require additional plumbing work. Well, the most important thing is that when you get a clean, delicious and healthy water.