Новость дня: Эмбер Херд беременна от Деппа

This information was spread by several Western publications. But official confirmation from your former spouse has not yet been reported.

Divorce johnny Depp and amber heard are already like a roller coaster: I don’t even know what awaits you around the corner. Today the Western media is trumpeting: amber heard is pregnant! And claim for divorce the young actress filed only for the baby’s sake, because they wanted to protect themselves and baby from the drunken antics of Depp.

This was written by an American tabloid Star, but the portal Gossip Cop immediately denied the information, saying that they themselves spread this rumor without any supporting evidence.

Representatives of johnny Depp and amber heard have remained silent. What is also alarming. There is no smoke without fire? After all, if the information was fundamentally wrong, this has already been reported would be all close to a pair of sources.

If it is confirmed by the fact that the heard pregnant with Depp, the divorce process can go a completely different way. In this case, the actress can claim a large part of a multimillion-dollar state johnny. To date the Hollywood actor has offered ex-wife monthly support in the amount of $50 thousand. But Hurd declined this offer.

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