Бывший муж Водяновой нашел себе новую модель

Justin Portman had an affair with a Ukrainian model is almost an exact replica of the young Vodianova.

Well, after the separation of the two spouses is getting better personal life. How did the lives of Natalia Vodianova after her divorce from first husband Justin Portman, with whom she lived for almost ten years and raised three children, we all know. Model long lamented and started Dating a French billionaire, the owner of a fashion Empire Berluti Antoine Arnault and last week became a mother for the fifth time: the new husband gave birth to a second son, who was named Novel (read more HERE).

Justin Portman also could not survive the parting with Natalia Vodianova. He moved from the UK to Uruguay in the estate in the resort town of Punta del este, which had been bought for them Vodianova family. And with a head left in work.

And now, five years after the divorce came the good news from Portman. He was in love again! Only, for rent, 47-year-old British aristocrat is still not forgotten Vodianova. How else to explain the fact that again he is Dating a model, and even with Slavic roots and a similar appearance? The new darling of the businessman became a Ukrainian model Anna Shut that younger Portman for 24 years (she’s 23, he’s 47).

Still Justin posted on my blog only pictures of sons and daughters who often spend the holidays with his father. Now on his page began to appear pictures with Anna, which suggests that he is seriously interested in a young blonde. Apparently, he’s already introduced her to them in common with Vodianova children.

By the way, their first son Lucas Portman in the championship of Europe on football carried the flag of the Russian team. According to the father, the boy was torn and didn’t know who to root for, because he’s half Russian and half British.

“Lucas the day before there was a small crisis before the Euro. Fortunately, everything ended with the score 1:1,” signed the father.

Almost the same picture in this day posted and Natalia Vodianova: “In this photo you can see Lucas – haired lad that keeps the Russian tricolor…”

So, the former couple attended a match Russia – England, which was held recently in Marseilles. Interestingly, a new passion was accompanied by Portman at the match and presented it to the former?

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