Big fat Greek wedding of the son of a millionaire Savvidi: details

Большая греческая свадьба сына миллионера Саввиди: подробности

It seems that this year will be particularly rich on the wedding of the most enviable grooms of Russia. Only recently, we looked at the weddings of billionaires Karapetyan and Gutseriev, as this past weekend held another feast for the whole world with 600 guests, stars of show business and a bridesmaid dress in 27 pounds…

The wedding of the eldest son of the founder of the “Group AGROKOM” Ivan Ignatyevich Savvidi 24-year-old Georgis Savvidi and it-girl Yana Hudyakova took place in Greece, in Thessaloniki. The choice of Greece as the venue for the wedding was chosen. Despite the fact that the groom and his family reside in Rostov, the roots of the head of the family Ivan Ignatievich Greek. He was born in the Greek village of Santa in the Georgian SSR, but moved to Russia after serving in the army.

Back to the wedding. So, first young were married in the Church of the Holy spirit, which some time ago was built by Ivan Savvidi. To the altar a bride in a dress Elie Saab was accompanied by his father on white carpet with white flowers. It looked incredibly beautiful…

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After the wedding ceremony the bride and groom with the guests moved to the Banquet hall of the hotel Makedonia Palace Hotel Thessaloniki, located on the coast, where it is celebrated the main event of his life.

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The hosts of the evening were Andrey Malakhov and Yana Churikova and entertained the audience Grigory Leps, Basta, Soso Pavliashvili, group “A-Studio”, as well as Greek singer Antonis Remos.

On action were present about 600 guests. All sang, danced and congratulated the Georgis and Jan.

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