Бородина прокомментировала расставание с мужем

The presenter finally cleared the air about the rumors, walking in the media about her separation from second husband – Kurban Omarov.

For several days in a stellar coterie whispering, say, you heard Borodin broke up with her husband? The reason for the conversations was the fact that the leading “House-2” was to go out without a wedding ring. Moreover, on the birthday of her eldest daughter Mary, husband of Susie was absent. Maybe a trip or business, you say and you are right. But, having celebrated his daughter’s birthday, Borodin posted a video where she plays with her babies, with the caption: “my Dear, we are all well, alive and healthy. And remember: all that is done, all the better. I love you”.

We all woke up ))) my dear, we are all well, alive and healthy and remember, all that is done, all the best I love you

Video published borodylia (@borodylia) Jun 11, 2016 at 2:36 PDT

This statement sounds in two ways: on the one hand, She made it clear that in their family all is well, on the other hand, hinted that the separation might be good.

Oil poured into the fire himself, and Kurban Omarov. The other day he posted a picture from a walk with a little Theon, Marusia and his son from his first marriage.

“Excellent walk, despite the rain. Saturday failed”, – signed photo of husband Borodina, thereby refuting rumours about their breakup.

However, in the end still put the hashtag: #ocherskaya. What would it mean? After all, the photo of Susie no. Maybe Eid is now just a Sunday dad?

In any case, to sound the alarm early. It is worth remembering how often Ksenia Borodina swore and parted with his former lover Mikhail Terekhin. Apparently, the TV presenter prefers Italian passion quiet family life.

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