Большинство мужчин готовы уйти в декрет вместо жены

In a world turned upside down! It turns out that most men in Russia do not want to make money and build a career. Instead, they plan to perform female functions – to educate children and manage the household chores…

Surprisingly, our women do not mind to take on male responsibilities and after giving birth, immediately to go to work. Well, of course, someone has to support his family!

According to the survey portal “Lady Mail.Ru” to leave in the decree agreed 67% of men, 72% of women supported them in this decision. The vast majority (86% women and 85% men) made for an equal level of parental responsibility in the upbringing of the child.

A full understanding of the respondents showed in question orders the family budget: 75% of women and 73% of men believe that spouses have equal rights. Understand where the world is headed? The rule of “her money is her money, and his General” seems to no longer work!

Also, according to the study, Russians are tolerant to couples with a large age difference only if older than the man. So, 79% of women and 73% of men do not see anything wrong if the husband is older than wife more than 10 years.

And with all these people who are willing to switch roles, prejudiced against the marriage, where the husband is younger. The age difference in 10 years in that case most people is puzzling. And where is the logic?

Question about the ideal age of girls for marriage men into a stupor. 43% of women and 35% of men believe that a woman should marry when she wants. While 30% of women and 29% of men believe that the best wife will be a girl 26-30 years, 22% of women and 31% of men voted for the period of 22-25 years.

And what about the best age for marriage of young people opinions are divided. 39% of women felt that a man should marry whenever they want, while 41% of men decided what to get his wife should be between 26 to 30 years.

And the last thing discussed users of the Internet portal, is the optimal retirement age. Here both men and women were in solidarity with each other. The majority felt that men should stop working in 56 to 60 years, and women – in 51-55 years.

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