Soon the baby is born, sex will be not needed

Скоро для рождения ребенка секс будет не нужен

American geneticists have predicted that within a few decades, making love will lose its primary function.

Scientists at Stanford University believe that humanity is on the threshold of great changes in the reproductive sphere. According to them, in the future children will totally “be done” not in the bedrooms, and in scientific laboratories.

This revolution will be possible thanks to the use of stem cells. Technology is as follows: from the skin of the mother to receive the genetic material, build the egg and fertilize it with the sperm of the father. In this case, as it is supposed, thus you will receive not one, not two, but whole hundred embryos from which parents can choose not only the most healthy, but also possesses desirable characteristics, even down to the color of eyes and hair.

Already today, stem cells technology allows you to do many things, say Stanford scientists. – The potential for the successful cultivation of gametes, sperm and egg, in the laboratory. And in the future, scientists will be able to apply genetic selection in order to create children with the ideal features.

And most surprisingly, the scientists predict epidemic spread of a new way of conceiving will start very soon – after 20-40 years.

Of course, this is only a hypothesis, and quite controversial. Even if we assume that the scheme will definitely work, there will be a number of contentious issues, including ethical. And from sex, people still will not refuse. So it’s still a question of which method will win: new research or old-fashioned.

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