Мама Собчак прокомментировала беременность дочки

The TV presenter has unveiled the journalists during her visit to the exhibition of léon Bakst.

It seems that even on your wedding day with Maxim Vitorgan Sobchak was not interested in fans like now! The media personality appeared in the exhibition of léon Bakst in Moscow with a rounded tummy. And for the first time did not deny that she is pregnant!

And the mother of teledive known as a social activist Lyudmila Narusova, oddly enough, didn’t think it was nonsense.

“Two years ago on “a Kinotavr” also wrote that she was pregnant. And somehow this pregnancy is so very took longer than planned. And better call Xenia”, – commented on the opportunity to be a grandmother, mother star writes “StarHit”.

But that’s a mystery! An hour later Lyudmila Borisovna already said other things.

“Well, not that any other problems in the country? I have already two years hear. Alas, no, not pregnant,” Narusova said in a conversation with another journalist from Woman’s day. So all the same right?

Meanwhile, we phoned up a friend of Xenia singer Glyuk’oza with which Sobchak just a couple of weeks ago was on the Islands.

“Recently, while we were vacationing in the Maldives and teasing Ksenia a question “if you’re pregnant?”, she replied that she just barely recovered,” told us Natasha. Well, it’s not a firm “no”, but not “Yes”…

Recall that Sobchak and Vitorgan together for three years. Ksenia has repeatedly said that he has no plans of children. But her husband Maxim, on the contrary, at every opportunity have reported that dreams of replenishment. Supposedly, they are with Sobchak has long been working on it diligently.

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