The groom scolded Vodonaevoj for a Frank neckline

Жених отругал Водонаеву за откровенное декольте

Future husband the TV presenter did not like the outfit in which she was at the wedding of Nelli Ermolaeva.

Yesterday, June 8, hosted the wedding of ex-member “House-2” Nelly Ermolaeva. Naturally, among the guests was another graduate of the reality show – Alena Vodonaeva. There was one TV presenter, despite the fact that he invited her to the wedding along with the groom. Circumstances did not allow Anton to come, but he managed to throw his beloved to the place of celebration and in the course of the road to see that much in a very revealing dress gathered for the feast of his future wife.

“The beginning of the evening, – has signed one of the pictures Alain. Anton brought me and is away on business. Then took three hours. He was unable to attend yesterday. Although he said that this is the last time I’m goin ‘ out alone. Maybe uncharacteristically neckline so it affected him?”

But then Alena hastened to explain, they say, at least she’s naked coming to the party and all the men of the evening will want to meet her, she is not interested, she’s got Anton.

“To be honest, for me not to worry. When I have a man with me impossible to meet. As he came, and departed. I am not acquainted, do not give phone numbers without the flirting report that is not free. Politely and very kindly. But if you do not understand the first time, you can and Tyumen bydlece to include PS For especially “clever” let me explain that girls are divided into two categories in terms of Dating. There are those who come into contact with the man, being only in a free status. And there are those who leave a phone number, despite the fact that they have a significant other. Poor unfortunate soul mate.”

By the way, on the same evening Alena announced and some details of their future wedding with Anton.

“We with Anton no invitations can not wait, because our number falls on a Monday! And on Mondays, as you know, a Registrar in Russia does not work, and therefore we have to leave to get married in another country. The two of us. Where after marriage the Union is considered valid in our country. With the country not yet decided. And time to think about it enough.”

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