Мисс Украина сбежала от мужа-миллионера из-за побоев

You still want to marry a millionaire? 24-year-old Anna Zajaczkowski who won a beauty contest in Ukraine in 2013, gave a Frank interview to the newspaper New York Post, in which he told what it cost the life of 45-year-old Italian businessman Gianluca Cervaro. The article has become the most discussed in the network!

This story began a couple of months ago, when a well-known entrepreneur Gianluca Cervera told the police in Milan that his young wife Anna Zajaczkowski was gone. Later the girl found: she posted several photos to Instagram from new York and, judging by the publications, did not hide his whereabouts. Then the man accused it of violating the marriage contract, in the theft of an expensive smartphone and 4 thousand Euro from the safe.

In response, Anna Zajaczkowski gave an interview to the authoritative American edition and told why she had to ditch luxury home in Milan in a small room in new York. It turns out that the girl was regularly subjected to beatings by the rich husband…

“If I’d stayed, my husband would have killed me. And if not physically, then mentally. He knew that I went to new York, just wanted to blacken my name,” said the former miss Ukraine.

According to Anna, the husband started to beat her a month after their wedding which took place in December 2015. “It was awful. I married a man who really didn’t know,” she confessed.

Model and businessman met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in Milan. Zajaczkowski arrived in the Italian capital on the model contract after the beauty contest, and Cervara became her only friend in a strange city. It seemed, nothing foretold troubles.

After the first beating Anna went to native to Ukraine, but the spouse asked for forgiveness and begged her to come back. She believed, came back to Milan. But life has not changed. Cervara again started to raise on Sackboy hand and was accused of cheating on the set.

“I thought the whole thing work. Abandoned all contracts. Although no cause to envy never gave. He was my only man. Before him, I haven’t been in a serious relationship,” admitted Anna.

But the sacrifices of a spouse did not help. His behavior has not changed. Then the girl took the most necessary things and went to Rome, then to new York, where he worked two years ago. She currently lives with a friend and asked me for a divorce. The theft of a smartphone and the large sums of money she denies.

“I left all my stuff from him. He can sell my paintings and jewelry. I don’t need anything. To return I’m not going,” – said the model. And then added: “Freedom is the most important thing can be a person. And I want every woman to know that she has the right to leave her husband, which causes her pain and be happy again”.

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